fruit fly trap

Monitoring Fruit Fly Populations

Why monitor fruit flies:

  • Counting and recording fruit fly populations helps us understand fruit fly activity in an area.
  • We can use this information to fine tune control programs.

Trap placement:

  • Put fly traps in your orchard at: 1 per ha (small orchards) 2 per ha (large orchards).
  • Place each trap in a healthy fruit tree at head height.

Recording fruit fly numbers:

  • Each week count, record and remove any flies that have collected in the trap.
  • Replace fruit fly wick every 3 months.

Additional information:

  • The traps only catch male fruit flies.
  • The number of flies caught does not necessarily indicate the size of the population but can indicate population trends.
  • Fruit fly traps do not control fruit fly. You must use protein bait sprays also to achieve this.