Aphids are sap sucking insects that feed on young plant growth. They have the capacity to increase in number very quickly under the right conditions. Aphids produce large quantities of ‘honeydew’, a sweet exudate that encourages the growth of sooty mould. This can reduce photosynthesis and make fruit look unsightly. Fortunately most aphids have several biological control agents and it is possible to achieve good aphid control without necessarily resorting to chemical treatments.


Lacewings are aggressive general predators that feed on a range of pest insects and mites.  Aphids are one of their favourite foods.  We recommend the release of specific parasitoids in conjunction with lacewings for persistent aphid problems.  Call us for more detail.

Ladybirds are important aphid predators. Both the adults and larvae of many ladybird species feed on aphids. We supply a native Australian spotted ladybird (Harmonia conformis) for aphid control. This is an entirely new biocontrol product – it has never before been reared commercially and made available for release as an introduced biocontrol agent.