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Fruit Fly Control

Bugs for Bugs has been helping growers manage fruit fly for more than 35 years. We recommend a systems approach to fruit fly management. There are four key elements to this approach:

(1) Protein bait sprays, using our Fruit Fly Lure plus Fruit Fly Lure Thickener to kill female flies*
(2) Male annihilation technique, using our MATs
(3) Monitoring using our male fruit fly traps and regular crop inspection
(4) Sanitation

It is important that you adopt all of these control strategies as part of your fruit fly management program. In certain high risk crops additional tools such as female traps may also be of value and insecticide cover sprays may be necessary. Fruit fly is a difficult but manageable pest. You must start your program early and maintain it rigorously. For more information about fruit flies and our systems approach see our fruit flies page in the “What’s your pest?” section of the website.

*For certified organic growers the only protein bait option is Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait