Bugs for Bugs specialises in integrated pest management (IPM). Our mission is to help Australian growers achieve best practice pest management with minimal pesticides.

We are a science-based company that:

  • has been providing crop protection solutions and bio-control organisms for more than 40 years
  • breeds beneficial insects and mites (good bugs to control bad bugs)
  • is highly experienced in the field of fruit fly management
  • offers a range of non-toxic alternatives to conventional pesticides
  • conducts ongoing research and development into biological control and fruit fly management
  • provides contract research in the field of integrated pest management.

We are proud of our close relationship with other research providers including the departments of agriculture, universities and CSIRO.

We operate out of 3 insectary sites at Mundubbera, Donnybrook and Toowoomba in SE Queensland. Our operations extend to around 75 constant temperature controlled rooms and 28 greenhouse structures.

Beneficial insect production is very challenging. Maintaining continuous insect production of each beneficial species requires constant monitoring of the rearing systems and attention to detail.

We currently produce around 17 species of natural enemies to help manage pest problems in a more sustainable way. Each of these rearing systems is complex and labour intensive. Our commitment to research is significant and we are constantly striving to streamline our existing mass rearing systems while searching for new organisms that can help growers with practical alternatives to conventional pesticides.

Our company has a long history of experience in crop monitoring to assist growers in achieving good IPM. We have provided IPM consulting services in countries such as Thailand, Jordan and Morocco.