Olive lace bug

Olive lace bugs are able to cause significant damage to olive trees.

There are no ‘silver bullet’ solutions, however we have had positive feedback from numerous users who have tried green lacewings to improve the management of these difficult pests.

Oil sprays are sometimes used as a soft option in combination with releases of green lacewings to help reduce olive lace bug populations.  If pesticides are deemed necessary we suggest treating hot spots in preference to cover sprays.

For more information about olive lace bug management we suggest the following: https://agriculture.vic.gov.au/biosecurity/pest-insects-and-mites/priority-pest-insects-and-mites/olive-lace-bug


Lacewings are general predators that prey on many small insects.  They are also able to feed on eggs and young stages of olive lace bug.

To help establish lacewing larvae into olive trees we suggest the use of our beneficial release box or similar.