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Berry Bulletin April 2017

Check out our April Berry Bulletin for berry production news and updates from growing regions around the country.

Bugs for Bugs Autumn Update

The latest Bugs for Bugs update introduces our newest biological control agent, the Spotted Ladybird for aphid control. The newsletter is packed with information about our predatory mites, including tips for optimising predatory mite establishment and performance, and also features IPM grower stories from the Costa Group (berries) and [email protected] (glasshouse cucumbers). Click here to view […]

Pink Wax Scale

 Pink wax scale (Ceroplastes rubens) At this time of year we commonly get enquiries about pink wax scale. This pest occurs on a variety of plants including fruit trees such as citrus, mango, avocado, custard apple as well as some garden plants including lillypilly and umbrella tree. In Queensland there are usually two generations per […]

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