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Papaya mealybug – a new invasive pest

About Papaya mealybug Papaya mealybug is a new invasive pest that was first recorded in the Northern Territory in July 2023.  It has now also been widely observed in and around the greater Brisbane area.  It is an aggressive mealybug that attacks many plant species including papaw, frangipani and hibiscus. High numbers of this pest […]

Fruit fly – how can you manage a difficult pest?

Fruit flies are active – don’t get caught out! If you wish to grow fruit then you need to be thinking about managing fruit fly. Your fruit are most at risk when: Conditions are warm There have been recent rainfall or shower events You have ripening fruit susceptible to fruit fly attack Pesticide sprays are […]

Strawberry bronzing review

This season many growers and agronomists have been finding higher than normal levels of bronzed fruit and there is concern that this bronzing is the result of thrips activity. However, on the farms that Bugs for Bugs crop scouts visit regularly thrips numbers are much lower than what is normally associated with the levels of […]

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